***Warning***These Painters Are Masters In Their Field And Have Been Known To Paint Houses Of The Highest Caliber With A Quickness That Just Might Blow Your Mind! ***Warning***These Painters Are Masters In Their Field And Have Been Known To Paint Houses Of The Highest Caliber With A Quickness That Just Might Blow Your Mind!
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"One Reason We Are Successful
Is Because We Love What We Do!"
Hi Folks! My name is Henry Michael Mitchell Jr. My friends and family call me “Mitch” which is
why we named our company Mitchell Paint It (Mitch'll paint it). I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. I grew up in the construction industry working for my Uncle’s construction company. I graduated from Colonial High School in 1983 and after two more years of shoveling concrete, I decided to join the U.S.A.F. in 1985. I guess it was my blue collar roots that curbed my plans to re- enlist.

I began work as a painter’s helper in 1989 with my good friend Terry “T-Bird” Harding Jr. He
and I spent three years in residential new construction, learning from the best in the industry and became journeymen, painting custom homes in Windermere, FL. Over the years I have been the foreman for several painting contractors, overseeing nearly every type of project imaginable. I have painted entire shopping malls supervising twenty men and I have painted low income single housing for the City of Orlando.
started Mitchell Paint It Inc. in January 2002 with T-Bird by my side. It only took a couple months (and a couple dollars) to persuade another journeyman to join our team, and so my brother Chuck retired his foreman position with another contractor to become my field supervisor. We started this business with two builders and five hundred flyers. The majority of our work is new residential custom homes and residential re-paints. It wasn’t easy getting here but T-Bird, Chuck and I finally found a few more
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painters with that same passion for painting that we have. We’ve also developed relationships with several builders who carry that same passion in the Custom Homes they build. We are known as the ones to call when you want the job done right. Our work is quick and clean. We take pride in this company and have a reputation for providing our clients with professional, dependable and affordable craftsmanship that is second to none. We are successful not only because we love what we do, but we have a genuine appreciation for our customers’ referrals and word of mouth. This is reflected in our continuous efforts to raise the bar of standards for customer satisfaction.
In closing, I would like to encourage any potential customer to thumb through the phone book
and get a few free estimates from our competition before you call us. I personally guarantee you will not beat our price for the cleanliness, timeliness and quality of service we provide. Thank you for visiting our website and if you’re considering a re-paint, why have anyone else paint it?
Mitchell Paint It.

Henry "Mitch" Mitchell Jr.